Bonuses to WMZ wallet

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Non-cash payment system WebMoney has many advantages and virtues, the most important of them — is the availability of opportunities to acquire a variety of wallets. Electronic purses in WebMoney as much as 7, but they differ in various properties. Most popular purses system WebMoney — a WMZ, WMR, WMB. Each user of the system non-cash payment WebMoney can create necessary amount of e-wallet in your profile. With the development of this system, new opportunities, new possibilities of electronic purses and new types of purses. Quite recently appeared in the electronic purse WebMoney, you can take and lend money, that is to take money from different users on credit, or give their own money to other users of the system on credit.

Each purse has its own properties and characteristics. The most popular e-wallet in the system WebMoney — WMZ.

WMZ-purse, followed by 12 digits, which means the number and variety are an indicative information to perform transfers, payment services and so on. All funds lying on the WMZ-purse — is the US currency that is the dollar. The presence of an electronic purse in non-cash payment system WebMoney, enables a variety of things — to replenish the account bank card from the card to transfer the balance of the system, buy a variety of digital goods, pay for a variety of services on the Internet. Availability WMZ purse allows to perform all operations in the US currency, which is quite convenient and enjoys great popularity not only among foreign users of the system WebMoney, but also among our compatriots.

At this point, to keep their money, to perform various operations and miscellaneous services the most popular and convenient with the help of WMZ-purse. Funds for WMZ-purse equivalent US dollars, so they change their course, conveniently track in ruble terms, exchange funds and perform a variety of operations.

In WMZ-purse has many advantages and strengths, compared to other e-wallets in non-cash payment system WebMoney. Many of our fellow citizens have become so accustomed to make all calculations and payment in dollars that the equivalent purse is simply irreplaceable.