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Electronic non-cash payment WebMoney began her story many years ago, with the passage of time it has evolved and improved, there are new opportunities. Due to the development of this system, there are seven different e-wallets, through which you can perform various operations in different cash equivalents. With the advent of electronic purse in WebMoney WMB was possible to perform various operations in Belarusian rubles, which allowed the inhabitants of this country to enjoy a variety of services with a high level of convenience. WMB — is the equivalent of Belarus roubles.

Each purse WebMoney calculation cashless system has different properties, depending on the restriction type management method registered purse WebMoney (Mini, Light, Classic), there are various restrictions on the amount of incoming and outgoing transactions. Purses with Type Mini have daily limit incoming and outgoing transactions, but the Light, Classic restrictions do not have. Currency Exchange in WebMoney occurs at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. With the availability of WMB purse you can make quite different operations produce their exchange for other currencies, make payment for various services and products. The presence of the purse WMB allows even make payment for utilities, mobile communication, traffic police fines, cable and satellite TV, Internet access different providers and more.