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Advantages of the system Bitcoin

Electronic currency Bitcoin has the following advantages:

  • confidentiality of transactions;
  • inability to block the account of this currency;
  • absolutely free transactions or transfers with sufficiently low commission;
  • Easy to use electronic money system;
  • system reliability;
  • High anonymity (no need to leave personal passport data, etc.).

How to use the currency Bitcoin?

To begin to download from the Internet a special free program — an electronic purse, which is similar to a standard bank account, but here are stored Bitcoins. Then you can carry out almost any transaction between users directly, without resorting to the services of banks and other financial institutions.

Where better to spend Bitcoins?

Experts say that the best buy on the Bitcoin exchange or receive virtual currency in exchange for real goods or services. Online you can find a variety of services for the exchange and purchase this currency.

There are also services that are willing to accept Bitcoin. For example, e-currency take the developers of computer games, some companies offer their employees receive a salary of Bitcoin, and even Google seriously interested in that currency.

The main differences from other e-currencies

Electronic currency Bitcoin quite different from other electronic cash systems. Differences can be seen in the following points:

  • Fully decentralized digital currency that does not have any intermediary bank, nor any reinforcements from the bank or company. Bitcoins can appear anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet.
  • You can not only use Bitcoins to make purchases of goods and services, but also to earn with them.
  • Very low commission for the execution of any transaction.
  • No one can block the account of the client system, or prohibit any action with virtual currency, which belongs to him.