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Broker «RoboForex» gives all new users a bonus no deposit in the amount of $30 to trade the forex market.

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The famous poker school PokerStrategy teaches new players and gives them free starting capital, subject to passing the quiz and adulthood (age often will be checked by sending scanned documents, such as passports).

Get bonus $50

PokerStrategy gives money in various poker rooms and in each of them the size of no deposit bonus may be different. Accurate information on the current status of bonuses can be found right on the school’s website. In addition, you can participate in a variety of bonus shares, regardless of the date of the quiz and get your free starting capital.

Instructions for obtaining the bonus

  1. Click the PokerStrategy site and register. Specify a valid email address.
  2. In mail, you will receive a letter of confirmation of registration. Click on the link in the letter, thereby activating the account.
  3. Examine the training materials from PokerStrategy. If you are new to poker, then without training you will be hard to pass the quiz.
  4. Take the quiz!
  5. Now select a bonus, because several of them. You can get a $ 50 deposit using the quiz, you can get several smaller no deposit bonuses, but almost without any conditions, and you can participate in freerolls.
  6. Once you have selected the quiz, you need to decide on the poker room, which are going to play and where the property will transfer your starting capital to play poker.
  7. Once choose your favorite poker room, then download the client for his game. Carefully read online PokerStrategy with instructions for registration in the poker room. If they are asked to enter a promotional code, make sure you enter. Otherwise, you can go without start-up capital.
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Register at PokerStrategy

At the moment, PokerStrategy for taking the quiz as a starting capital produces 6 different bonuses:

  • Coral Poker — $18 + 10 tournament tickets;
  • Gala Poker — $20;
  • Poker 770 — $20;
  • WilliamHill — $20;
  • TitanPoker — $20;
  • PKR — $20.

Quality assurance.

The bonus is given absolutely free! That is, you in any case do not have to make money regardless of whether you will multiply the seed capital or lose it immediately. The only point that many do not write, this is what almost all poker rooms require to make an initial deposit in order to withdraw funds. Different poker rooms minimum deposit is different. For example, in PokerBWIN minimum deposit of 15 euros, TitanPoker — 20 euros.

Poker school benefits from your involvement in the poker rooms. Poker rooms pay to attract up to $ 200 per person (depending on the length of his game). Therefore Pokerstrategy profitable to teach you to play well. Poker rooms have benefited from an increase in the number of players. for the fact that you’re playing in the poker room you are constantly removed percentage of money in the game. Poker room so earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. The more players playing — the greater will be their profits. Therefore, you are given a small start-up to the standards of the poker bonus of $ 50! Bonus is issued once!

PokerStrategy — World Poker School. Operates in 14 languages. Provides training for more than 3 years and brings together a little less than a million people from different countries. Has an impeccable reputation. Payments are guaranteed by the laws of Germany, as the organization is registered in the country. Pokerstrategy offers to play only in the largest and most well-known poker rooms listed on the London Stock Exchange!

Almost all poker rooms can withdraw funds to a bank account, MoneyBookers, WebMoney, international plastic cards Visa and Mastercard.

The bonus can not be immediately displayed. The money is transferred to your account with a constraint on output. That is, remove the bonus money from the account you will be able after win them back. For otygravaniya money you need to dial a certain number of points (in each poker room in different ways). If you multiply the seed capital given to you — you can withdraw money earlier than the bonus.

You must be 18 full years! Nothing more.