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Bonuses in the poker rooms

Title Bonus amount Description Note Link
PokerStars PokerStars $20 Walk in school PokerSchoolOnline and get free poker money for the cash game and tournament tickets. Review education Bonus
Titan Poker Titan Poker $150 No deposit bonus from the site YourPokerCash charged in the poker room Titan Poker. Review registration Bonus
PokerStrategy PokerStrategy to $50 Poker School teaches new players and gives them a free start-up capital to $50. Review education Bonus
BankrollMob BankrollMob more $2000 Catalog no deposit and deposit bonuses in online poker rooms and online casinos. Review verification Bonus
PokerDom PokerDom to 75000₽ Get double bonus on every deposit and other bonuses in the new poker room PokerDom. Review deposit Bonus
FullTilt Poker FullTilt Poker $600 Use 100% bonus on your first deposit, and FullTiltPoker double your first deposit. Review deposit Bonus
PokerTime PokerTime $5 The poker room provides a welcome no deposit poker bonus for signing up. Review registration Bonus
888 Poker 888 Poker $88 The bonus is automatically credited to the account after registration and performing a few simple steps. Review registration Bonus
PartyPoker PartyPoker $10 Bonus no deposit poker room PartyPoker $10, as well as free tickets to the closing of the tournament with a prize fund of $500. The bonus is only available in the following countries: Canada, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Australia, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Russia, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia. registration Bonus
PKR PKR $10 Free bankroll on PKR for $10 as well as the added bonus of $90, you will receive $5 for every willfully 1250 points. No deposit bonus available to players from the following countries: Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Ireland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Portugal, Poland, New Zealand, Slovenia and Singapore. registration Bonus
Coral Poker Coral Poker $10 Coral Poker players receive a $150 bankroll when signing up through YPC. The first $10 of your bankroll is awarded to your account upon approval with another $5 released after just 50 Points. The remaining portion of the bankroll will be paid in $5 increments for every 175 Points you earn within 90 days. This offer is available to players in 40 countries including much of Western Europe and Russia. registration Bonus
Poker Mira Poker Mira $3 Bonus no deposit poker room PokerMira in the amount of $3 is charged for 48 hours after registration BankrollMob. An additional bonus of $97 is charged $10 for every 200 points willfully. In addition, if you verifitsiruete your Bankrollmob-account within 7 days after registration, you will add an additional $5. Bonus is not available to players from the United States, Latvia, Turkey and Cyprus. registration Bonus
Gala Poker Gala Poker $10 No deposit bonus $10 from the poker room Gala Poker and the added bonus of $90, which is charged $5 for every 400 points willfully. The bonus is available in the following countries: Aland Islands, Albania, Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Isle of Man, Ireland, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, United Kingdom. registration Bonus
DuckPoker DuckPoker $25 The first part of the no deposit bonus in the amount of $5 off DuckPoker issued immediately after the registration through BankrollMob. 5 more tournament dollars are automatically enrolled for the first deposit. The remaining 15 tournament dollars are awarded in increments of $5 every time you earn 30 points in the poker room. The action does not apply in the following countries: US, Israel, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus. registration Bonus
Terminal Poker Terminal Poker €5 No deposit bonus €5 and €95 extra bonus in the poker room TerminalPoker. Prohibited countries: Bolivia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Morocco, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Turkey, Uzbekistan, the United States, and Vietnam. registration Bonus

No deposit bonus Poker

No deposit bonus poker or free bankroll — a very useful thing. If you just want to try your hand at poker, but do not want to invest their money, or want to start playing seriously at the professional level, but do not want to risk the bonus casinos and poker rooms just suitable for your purposes. All kinds of poker rooms on the internet a lot, and many can get a free starting capital. So, if one poker room you lost free starting capital, you can get it somewhere else and start all over again. In addition, in all poker rooms there are free tournaments with real money prizes — Freerolls.

Poker — it is not only and not so much a gambling card game, the popularity of which, incidentally, is increasing worldwide just fantastic pace as the match intellects, logic and excerpts players. These qualities are the key to the success of the game and win real and sometimes even unrealistic amounts of money. Knowledge of the basics of poker and the ability to count options, complete control over emotions and possession of the art of bluffing — together this is what is called a skill! There are many varieties of poker.


What you will receive no deposit bonus?

Today, thanks to the World Wide Web every one of you have a chance to discover the exciting and fascinating world of online poker, get poker education and compete with players from all parts of the world. Feeling confident in their abilities, you can go to the next level: to take part in online tournaments, in which the gain is a very decent cash reward, and may even be among the participants of the most prestigious poker tournaments worldwide scale. And that is important for most beginners poker fans, all this can be achieved without risking your own money.

Why it’s free?

Make it allow no deposit poker bonuses that as a starting capital outstanding professional poker school and poker rooms. And it’s not a trick or fraud. It’s just business. Schools and rooms, to cooperate actively with each other, do not give money right and left, they invest in their players to get then a percentage of their winnings. In contrast to the casino, where the game is not between the player and the gambling establishment, and between the players themselves. A facility receives its income from the rail, ie the commission of 3-5% with each compete for a pot for every poker table. It does not matter which player was the winner and who is the loser, the poker room in any case, will be owned by a well-defined part of the bank. You lost — do not get anything, but do not lose anything! You won — get a bank minus commission poker room. No deposit poker bonus — this is what allows everyone to get a chance to win without risking your honestly earned.

Online Poker School, teaching players, engaging them in poker rooms and providing them with a no deposit bonus instead have a portion of their income, a percentage of each rake generated by the players at the tables and charge poker room. It is from these practical considerations Poker School Online directly interested in quality training players depends on their income. Especially when you consider that a significant proportion of students hurry to lose so easily and free bonus inherited, and no time to start winning. So, better, harder and longer you play, the faster you pay back investments in money poker school and begin to bring net profit of her and poker room, while getting most of the income in his personal disposal.

General tips for playing poker.

  • Determine what to strive for and what to play
     At the beginning of learning to play poker, you can read something, but not what articles and books should not be taken seriously, but only for self-study or that is no substitute for practice poker.
  • Do not play on several tables, if you have to make blunders. To start a better one table.
  • Efficient capital management. That is to choose a table limit to the table used by no more than ten percent of their capital.
  • Choose carefully the table when playing poker and rivals. No need to sit down at the first available table, it is necessary to revise a few tables to find a suitable.
  • Do not play with strong players, players who need to look weaker than you. Do not sit at the table with a player who has a big stack, as big stack gives greater looseness.
  • Do not be lazy to look for yourself comfortable playing poker, if not happy with something, you better get up and leave, as if the table is bad, then it will not be better. If the opponent is too aggressive, then you should not play, as in poker it can lead to unwise and unpleasant decisions.
  • Make notes on players, as it is possible to still have to play with them. It is necessary to notice their way of playing poker, weakness, what cards the opponent and what he can do.
  • We need to play poker for a good map and not play the trash — a good card anyway sooner or later will come, and even in tournaments when Blyde increase. You need to play carefully. Better at the game of poker to look for reasons to fold rather than grounds for that would stay in the game.
  • Do not pay attention to the cards that came after the fold. Must constantly analyze their game. Poker is a validation of the man if he could assess the situation and take a decision here and now, rather than later.

 To win at poker need to listen to your ‘higher self’ and be in harmony with the environment, but in this case, the person will be rewarded with money.

Advantages and disadvantages of online poker.

Today, poker is becoming popular among those who want to earn. Mainly it is poker online. This is due to many factors. Firstly, it is a real way to earn money from the comfort of home, the specifics of which will be discussed later. Second — it’s convenient, do not need to go to the casino or in a special club, gather or assemble dubious company. Safety and reliability of financial relations virtually flawless. This poker game has a number of advantages and disadvantages.


  • Convenient and comfortable organization of games, when you go into the poker room, you will only need to input-output of money.
  • No need to wait for the players to gather, though you can play all day and night.
  • This is a real advantage over the game in the sense that you make your own conditions for the game, nothing distracts you and annoying.


  • The inability to «read» the player when on facial expressions, gestures, behavior can be calculated maps and intentions of an opponent. However, this can be a plus if «read» you can.
  • For aesthetes, lost some charm and atmosphere of the game.

How much can you earn in poker?

The main question novice poker players — how much can you earn? According to my observations, the real earnings for diligent, hardworking and disciplined beginners can be up to $ 1 per hour. Poker can be read many books, learn successful strategies of players, but in order not to go into minus only requires compliance with the basic rules. These rules are not able to meet often and master. This applies to discipline rather simple and seemingly workable condition for a good game.

It is not a secret and not a strategy, it is quite logical norm. Imagine the situation at the time of the decision, before the player is worth two outputs, one logically valid, but losing 100%, and the second, false and 20% of winning, but losing in the second case can be so much more. The fact is that the key to high-quality game is precisely the ability to comply with its game installation.


In summary, we repeat the point. You do not pay poker school tuition. In a game of poker played out each bank removed the rake (commission) — a standard procedure, are ubiquitous and have long no surprise. Part of the rake gets to teach you poker school that issued your besides no deposit bonus. Part remains in the poker room online. The rest — your income, the size of which depends only on you. Good luck to you in learning and success in the game!